7 Basic Face Care Tips You Need to Follow in the Winter

The colder months are quickly approaching us and that means it is now time to prepare for winter. Winter is extremely cold which causes our skin to go off balance most of the time. One of the main problems that occur with our skin is it has a tendency to become dry. If you have oily skin you will notice your skin is not as oily and hydrated as it is during the summer months. While if you have dry skin you will notice your skin is extremely dry, and sensitive skin will become red and patchy.

Although, the chilly winter months will take a toll on our skin especially the skin on our face it is important that we change our skin care routine to help out skin adjust to the changes. We believe every season you should adjust and switch your skin care routine. This will help support your skin looking its best all year round. Here are 7 basic face care tips you to follow in the winter to keep your skin fresh and radiant.

7-Change Your Gel Cleanser To A Cream Cleanser

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Gel cleansers are great for getting deep inside your pores and removing dirt. However, they are also drying on your skin. Although, they are an excellent option for all skin types. During the winter months, you want to switch over to a cream cleanser.

Cream cleansers are ideal for the winter months because of how hydrating they are to the skin. They add an extra layer of hydration to your skin even while cleansing it. While they will remove all the dirt from inside your pores, they are also a lot gentler on the skin. You also want to minimize your cleansing to two times a day maximum.

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