10 Ways to Rock a Statement Lip – Lip Trends

It’s undeniable. Lipsticks are growing and growing in popularity. used to be the most popular trend in makeup, however, lipsticks are taking over. Rocking a statement lip has taken the fashion world by storm. Whether that’s a bright colour, a cool lip art look or a strong nude.

Choosing a strong lip look will absolutely finish your face off and see you fit for any occasion. If you’re a little nervous about embracing new lipstick looks, Her Style Code hopes that this fabulous blog post and gallery will inspire you. Here are 10 ways to rock a statement lip. So be bold! Let’s get started.

10 – Purple Lips

Ways to Rock a Statement Lip

Purple is a colour often ignored when it comes to lipstick. However, it can be an absolutely stunning finish to a makeup look. Especially when worn as a statement lip! Choose a bright purple shade and be bold when wearing it. Make sure your lips are lined and you’re keeping the colour within the lines. Blot your lips and you’re ready to go!

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