10 Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

We are here with the latest smokey eye makeup looks that have never been outdated and are getting more and more fashionable. Smokey eye makeup is always a great idea to look sexy and feminine. But when it’s time to do some eyeshadow makeup, it can be hard to decide what colors and shades can be used together. There are many smokey eye makeup looks to go on any occasion such as metallic, gold, and glittery. As it’s mentioned in the last article “How to Do The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup in 5 Steps“, smokey eye makeup doesn’t have to be done only in dark tones, you can expand your color range as much as you want. Just add a little bit of creativity to your makeup and be ready to turn heads wherever you go. So, here are 12 Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Looks that we chose for you.


When it comes to metallic, you can bring any color to mind, but we’re talking about a completely gray metallic look. You can add the colors you want with this gray metallic tone as a tint. Try applying the metallic gray color to the bottom lash line and inner corner of your eyelid. Complete with a darker tone outer corner of the eyelid, and there’s no reason that you don’t have these great looks.

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